Below you will fill a link with your name. You will click on the link (not yet, read these directions first), and then enter the following information from your ISP paper.
  1. Title of your independent science project
  2. Your name - first name and last initial only, e.g. Aaron R.
  3. School year you did your research, e.g. 2011 - 2012
  4. Abstract - the whole thing from your ISP paper
  5. Experimental Improvements and Future Experiments - as you did in the conclusions section of your ISP paper, describe how your experiment could be improved and what future experiments other people could do to extend your work. You may need to expand this part if you only have one or two sentences so the reader understands what you have in mind. Do your best to give good suggestions because future sixth graders may choose to continue your experimental work!
  6. Insert a PDF file of your paper. You will need to save your Word document as a PDF file (or print it as a PDF file). Please save the file with your first name, last initial, plus the current year, e.g., AaronR2012.pdf

For an example ISP entry, click on the link.

Himburg Period 1

Himburg Period 2

Rothrock Period 1

Rothrock Period 2

Rothrock Period 6

Rothrock Period 7

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