Aditya S


The purpose of this experiment was to see how dropping dry ice into different liquids affect the mass and temperature of the dry ice. The hypothesis was that the dry ice’ mass would get smaller and the temperature would get warmer but still stay under freezing. The reason that this was hypothesized was because when the dry ice goes inside the other liquid the other liquid makes the dry ice warmer. The reason the mass is getting smaller is because the dry ice is sublimating into carbon dioxide through the bubbles. The method was to measure the mass and the temperature of the dry ice. Then, using tongs and gloves, drop the dry ice into the liquid and start the timer for two minutes. After two minutes take the dry ice with the tongs and measure the mass and temperature again. Record all the masses and then compare the dry ice measurements before and then after. Then use this same process for all the other liquids. The hypothesis was found to be correct for every liquid except for Sprite. After taking the dry ice out of the Sprite the temperature of the dry ice had dropped from -21 degrees Celsius to -23 degrees Celsius. This was very interesting because for every other liquid the dry ice had gotten warmer. The dry ice had lost half or more of its previous mass after being in every liquid for two minutes. The only liquids where that didn't happen were in water and Pepsi next. The reason that the dry ice didn't lose so much mass in the water was probably because water does not have sugar or sodium and similar things that could make the dry ice loose more mass. A way to improve this experiment could be to add more liquids that are similar to Sprite to see why and how the dry ice got warmer. An extension to this experiment could be to change the temperature of the liquids and see if there are different results.


To make this experiment better more liquids could be tested and the experiment could be performed multiple times to get a more exact answer. One way that this experiment can be extended is to warm up the liquid and then drop the dry ice in for 2 minutes and see what happens to the dry ice. Also make the liquid colder than room temperature and see what happens to the dry ice. Another way to extend this experiment is to compare the effects of dry ice in in diet coke and Mentos in diet coke. If these experiments are conducted a lot more will be learned about dry ice.