Abby G.
2012 - 2013

The purpose of the experiment was to measure effectiveness of different relaxation techniques. It was hypothesized that yoga would reduce the most stress, then sitting and finally breathing. First, a subject was seated and hooked up to the Thought Stream Galvanic Skin Response test equipment (TS). While seated, testing was done for 3 minutes. This same process was repeated with tests subjects being guided through yoga and then breathing exercises. Yoga was found to be the most stress relieving, then breathing and finally sitting. A second experiment was completed to determine which type of music would calm people down the most. It was hypothesized that classical would release the most stress, then pop and finally country. The subject was seated in a quiet space, and connected to the TS. One minute of pop music was played, and then the data was checked. This process was repeated with the other types of music. Classical reduced stress the most, then country and finally pop.

Next time it could be done in a quieter space than the hallway because in the hallway there were people walking around which could have affected the variables. Also, repeating the tests multiple times would help confirm the result. Future experiments can be testing meditation, or doing a spy type of experiment. The spy one could be testing how people react under stress, or while being questioned, or how well they lie.

For the entire paper for this experiment, click on the PDF file below.