The purpose of the experiment was to determine if dry ice will affect the geyser size of the Diet Coke and Mentos reaction. The hypothesis was that when dry ice was added to the Coke and Mentos reaction that the size of the geyser would increase. This was hypothesized because dry ice is made of frozen CO2 and when it sublimates it releases CO2 which when added to the pressure already in the bottle would create a CO2 buildup inside of the Coke bottle. This when mixed with Mentos will create a lot more pressure going through the Mentos therefore creating a much bigger geyser of the Coke and Mentos reaction. 5 Mentos will be added to a bottle of Diet Coke. The eruption will occur and the height will be recorded using a meter stick. This will be repeated 5 more times, 2 more times without dry ice and 3 times with dry ice. After this was done and the heights were recorded; it was found that the experiment done with dry ice went an average of 50 cm higher than the experiment done without dry ice.

Experimental Improvements and Future Experiments

The experiment could have been better if the experiment included more trials and the performance of the experiment was more consistent. Another experiment could be doing this experiment with other brands of Coke or other types of soda such as Sprite.